Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in Baby Wearing

Before Atticus was born, I decided that I wanted to baby wear.  I bought a Moby Wrap and practiced with a Cabbage Patch Doll.  We don't subscribe to Attachment Parenting ideas, but a lot of our life revolves around being active in places that a stroller won't work (the boat), and I liked the idea of being able to clean house or cook dinner while being able to tote Atticus with me. 

We tried out the Moby wrap the first time when Atticus was five days old.  Michael had gone to work, Atticus was fussy, and I needed to get some stuff done.  He loved it!  I was sold, and I was really glad I'd practiced with a doll.  
Seriously.  I look like a whale here.  Postpartum swelling sucks!

Since my Moby was black, I decided to pick up another one in a lighter color for the summer months.  I broke it out for the All Boat Review.  It was the first time I'd wore Atticus in a wrap in front of a lot of people.  Most were amazed that this long length of fabric could actually (and comfortably) tie a baby to me. 

As Atticus got older and gained more head control, I decided to branch out, position-wise.  I'm almost embarrassed by this picture.  When I was wearing Atticus like this, I had no idea it was bad for his little body to "crotch dangle."  It never seemed to bother him, but I have since stopped.


Michael and I went to NYC for a few days for a bar mitzvah.  We knew we were going sightseeing in NYC, and I didn't want to take a stroller on the airplane.  It was supposed to be 100 degrees while we were there, and I knew the Moby and all of its fabric would be too hot for both of us.  I began looking into other baby wearing options online and came across the Ergo.


I wore him in NYC and New Jersey for three days straight, only taking him off when we got to the hotel to sleep at night.  Both of us were comfortable and not too hot.

In the last two months, I've branched out even more in the Moby.  I've tried (and mastered) two holds - the Sling:

Excuse my messy bathroom

And the Lotus:


I love baby wearing.  I usually do it in some capacity each day.  The Ergo is quickest, coolest, and most comfortable for me if I need to wear him for an extended period of time.  The Moby does take a minute to tie, but he appears to be more comfortable in it, and the variety of positions I can hold him make it easy to change things up if he gets fussy. 

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