I am Ashley, my husband is Michael, and our son is Atticus (born March 2011).  We’re boaters.  Well really, Michael’s a boater, and I’m a land-lubber along for the ride.  Michael took his first steps on a boat the same year the Sony Walkman was invented, and I got sick on our first date back in 2004 when we watched a movie on his boat.  (Master and Commander, in case you were wondering.)  We intend on raising our child(ren) to love water, boats, and vegetables (because I'm so picky that I don't eat any).

This blog will document our life on land, our life on the boat, Atticus, Elvira the beagle, and how we Michael fixed everything I broke along the way.  Enjoy!

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  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog! I found it while my son Elliot was screaming his lungs out and I was trying to distract myself so I didn't start crying! Instead, I was laughing, out loud, as I read your posts. Thank you for blogging! I am just starting sleep-training for my son and needed to read someone's personal experience. Glad I found it!