Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm ba-ack!

So, I've been doing other things.

During my blog hiatus that I didn't really intend to take:

  • Atticus turned a bunch of months older. He's now 10 months old, crawls, is thisclose to walking, has 2 full teeth and two PITA almost-here teeth, has an absolutely voracious appetite but hates apples and anything citrus, gained approximately two pounds, and attempted to crawl out of his crib, but I caught him straddling the rail when he got stuck. 
  • We caught norovirus. I lost 7.5 pounds in just a few hours. While barfing my guts up, I shat all over the floor. It was disgusting. Atticus had intestinal damage from the continuous barfing and diarrhea, so the diarrhea continued for him for OVER TWO WEEKS. Thank God for cloth diapers. I know that those disposable diapers would not have held in the massive, liquid poop explosions that occurred pretty much hourly. 
  • We continued to cloth diaper, breast feed, and yell at people for saying stupid things about cloth diapers and breast feeding. 
  • I watched every episode in the history of the following TV shows: Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and all of their spin offs), Switched at Birth, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Mad Men. 
  • I made and ate lots of cookies that I called "lactation" so that Michael wouldn't think I was baking and eating cookies just to eat. 
  • I judged lots of people for doing lots of stupid things, but I kept it (mostly) to myself, so that's an improvement over previous years. 
  • I weeded through the 86 (yes, 86) voicemails that I didn't listen to in 2011. I signed up for Google Voice so I can get text messages of voicemails instead. Whatever. The text messages make absolutely no sense, and I'm not sure that it's an improvement over my previous system.
Maybe I'll get back to blogging. We shall see. 

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  1. I love you blog & missed it dearly. I hope you keep on truckin with it!