Monday, May 9, 2011

All Boat Review/Blessing of the Fleet 2011

Each spring, Michael and I make it a priority to attend our club's All Boat Review and Chickamauga Lake's Blessing of the Fleet parade.  The All Boat Review is a formal brunch before the parade.  Because of the tornadoes this year and lack of power in the clubhouse for a couple of days, they scrapped the formal attire and caterer and went with a nice, home cooked breakfast.  Michael does enjoy the tradition of having to wear white pants, a white button-up, and blue blazer, but I know his feelings weren't hurt that he got to wear green jeans and a pocket t-shirt this year!

Our family's first All Boat Revew - notice Michael is still wearing his captain's hat.
The Blessing of the Fleet is when all the marinas on Chickamauga Lake meet by the dam, form a circle, and get blessed for boating season  I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but Michael remembers going with his parents as a kid, so we try to keep up the tradition.  Unfortunately, our boat was out of commission for this year's blessing.  Michael had one of our transmissions rebuilt, and he was in the middle of installing it, so we went on our friend John's boat, the Aqua Duck.  If you want to get technical, we invited ourselves.  :)  We had a very nice time, have been blessed for the year, and look forward to our first boating season with our son.

Atticus and Michael aboard the Aqua Duck

Atticus and Mommy!

Aboard the Aqua Duck

Atticus still followed the dress code (is there one for babies?), even though the festivities were no longer a formal occasion. 


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