Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Sh*t List - August 31, 2011

  • I went to Sephora the other day to pick up the gift cards for the give away winners.  I had an embarrassing amount of Beauty Insider points, and there were some Murad samples available, so I redeemed the points for the Murad goodies.  STAY AWAY FROM THE MURAD.  Of course I loved one of the products, but after looking it up online, I decided not to buy it.  It was $150.  I do believe in buying quality products, but I will have no wrinkles to repair if I'm dead because Michael killed me for spending all of our money on face cream. 
  • Elvira the beagle is on my list.  She did the second word of the title of this blog in my dining room three times this week.  Ugh.  I don't particularly love cleaning up my son's poop, and he's not potty trained.  Elvira is, so I don't really understand why she felt the need to leave big fat craps for me to pick up. 
  • Michael is on my list.  He doesn't wear blue jeans.  He doesn't own any.  He hates them.  He prefers green jeans.  I know.  He completes his signature look with a pocket t-shirt and Red Wing boots.  I hate it, but after almost seven years together, I've learned to live with it.  When it's important that he looks nice, he lets me play dress up with him, and he often willingly wears a tuxedo.  This summer, however, he decided he'd like to add shorts to his rotation.  I obviously lied and told him that they don't make green jean shorts (that would be worn with pocket t-shirts, tall white socks, and Red Wing boots).  He requested that I find some jean shorts that are not blue (ew) or khaki shorts that are not khaki colored.  I returned home with five pairs of green, dark brown, and navy blue Izod shorts and a few Ralph Lauren pocket t-shirts.  He seemed happy enough with my purchases, and between the shoulders and knees, he resembled a normal male.  (He still wears his captain's hat and Red Wing boots every. single. day).  It has been THREE weeks since he's been wearing the shorts, and he's already ripped two pairs.  Rather than put in my mending pile or toss them, he keeps wearing them.  This annoys me.  Big time.
Michael's uniform.
The captain's hat that Michael wears everywhere.
Yes, even on planes.
  • I decided that I hate nursing bras, so I raided my small bra (small as in few bras, not small size) stash for underwire-free bras.  I found one.  Right size.  Pale pink.  Lacy.  Molded cups.  Jackpot.  I wore it and wore it and wore it.  And then I washed it.  Stupid hooks.  Of course, this bra is discontinued.  I know you're supposed to hand wash and line dry bras, but does anyone really do that?
Stupid bra.
  • The trash.  I recently started meal planning.  That's worked out great for the grocery list and the amount of food that goes nasty in the fridge.  However, I had to clean out the grossness of the refrigerator before I put all of my new groceries in there.  The trash truck comes on Wednesdays.  Guess when I cleaned out the fridge?  Wednesday night.  It's 95* outside.  BAM.  My back porch smelled like the second word of the title of this post. 
Anything on your sh*t list this week?  Please tell me I'm not the only one complaining about petty stuff. :)


  1. I feel like my Sh*t list is growing. We have had housecleaners come twice a month fooooorever... Mike (my hubs) has been working from home and taking care of Mason for 6 months now. Last week he threw in the towel. Full time daycare meant canceling my cleaners. Megasadface.

  2. Hi! I have been following your blog ever since I came across it randomly. I admit I blog hop but the point is I love your posts. They are honest and to the point. I read (over and over) your "sleep training" and after a similiar experience (up a dozen times) I am trying it. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions but could not find an email. If you have the time I would love to ask some questions I have that I missed in the book or the book did not address. Just need an opinion from someone who used the book (my parents are not helping!!)