Friday, July 1, 2011

Five on Friday

1 - I gave in and spent $80 on some baby crap to take up space in the den.  :(  I always said I'd never have one of those houses with baby stuff everywhere.  Well, I now do.

I got the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo this morning (with a BRU coupon), came home, put it together, and plopped little mister in it.  It was love at first sight.


2 - My parents and Maggie were going to keep Atticus for a couple hours on Wednesday, so I had a pumped bottle of breast milk ready to go for them.  Our plans failed, so I hung out with them for a little while on their bus (they're camping this week).  I asked Maggie if she wanted to feed Atticus.  She did, so I was sitting there talking to my mom when I realized Maggie wasn't standing beside Atticus anymore.  He was holding his own bottle!  I was so impressed.  I don't really know when this "milestone" is supposed to occur because Atticus is exclusively breastfed and has had only 6 bottes (of breast milk) his entire life.  He's growing up too quickly. :(


3 - We are going to spend the next four days on the boat.  YIPPEE.

4 - The industry Michael works in closes the week of the 4th, so even though he's supposed to be off work completely, he'll only work a few hours next week.  I. Can't. Wait!

5 - We got a Wii this week and subscribed to Netflix.  My productivity has decreased substantially.  Who knew there were so many movies and TV shows that I'd want to watch? :)


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