Monday, July 11, 2011

You Have GOT to Buy This - Suave Dry Shampoo $2.99

A couple of weeks ago, I read on Veronika's Blushing about a product she raved about.  Suave Dry Shampoo. 


A few days later, I was grocery shopping at Publix and remembered that I wanted to try this product.  I assumed they wouldn't have it, but holy moly, they did!  AND it was $2.99!  At Publix!  The most expensive grocery store ever!

So I brought that can of potential home and decided not to wash my hair that night.  Or the next night.  Or the next.  People, the last time I washed my hair was Thursday, and today is Monday.  This is what I look like today:


No oily roots.  No skankalicious hair.  No having to blow dry it for 30 minutes every other day anymore.  I typically wash my hair every other day or so, but I definitely need to wash it after two days.  

The past few days, my morning routine has been shower, brush my hair, spray Suave Dry Shampoo on the roots, massage in, brush hair again, style/fix/curl/whatever, and be done with it.   I am in LOVE with this product.  $2.99!!!!!!!!!!


Go buy some today!  Or yesterday!


  1. Im a wte march mommy and i was following your "sleep training" story... but i love your blog! i actually tried this product because of you (being a mama leaves little time for washing hair). Love it!