Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to Manhattan

We just got back from a long weekend in New York City and New Jersey.  Michael's co-worker's son had his Bar Mitzvah this past weekend in New Jersey, so we used the trip as an excuse to visit Manhattan.  Well, I used it as an excuse to visit Manhattan and made Michael and Atticus come along. :)

Our flight was supposed to leave at 12:20.  We had delay after delay and finally got on the plane about 3:30, only to sit on it until 5:00.  We arrived at Newark International Airport at 7:15, about five hours after we were supposed to.  Atticus performed superbly on the plane.  He ate, slept, and played quietly in my arms.  When we landed in Newark, there wasn't a gate for us, so we had to sit on the tarmac for a while.  Everyone on the plane was incredibly pissed that we had yet another delay, so when Atticus started screaming to let him off the damn plane, no one really minded.  They wanted to scream too.

David, one of our friends, was kind enough to pick us up at the airport and take us into Manhattan.

Michael and David on the way to the Empire State Building

After we got checked into our hotel (The New Yorker), we decided to grab some New York style pizza at the Famiglia across the street. It was fantastic. Even though it was already after Atticus' bedtime, we decided to walk to the Empire State Building to have a peeksie at the city after dark. I knew he'd sleep terribly anyway, so it was worth it.

The Empire State Building

Waiting to go to the top of the Empire State Building

at the top of the Empire State Building

The view was amazing! It was definitely worth the $20 admission.

The next morning, after a very crappy night of sleep for all of us, we took the subway to our Circle Line Tours boat ride around the island of Manhattan.

On the boat tour of Manhattan

NYC from the water

Seeing the city from outside was awesome, as was seeing the Statue of Liberty and all the bridges into the city.

Lady Liberty

The Brooklyn Bridge

On the boat tour

After the boat tour, we walked back to the subway station to take a ride to Central Park. Man, I love Central Park. It was just like it is in the movies.

In Central Park.  This picture was not staged.  I love it. :)

On the carousel in Central Park

After Central Park, we went to the Time Warner Center and to Times Square.

Times Square

We were so tired at that point (about 3pm) that we decided to go back to the room to give all of us a break. It was about 95* outside, and we were miserable from the heat and walking around so much. We rested until dinner time and ended up eating at the TGI Fridays across the street because we were too tired to walk to a restaurant that wasn't a chain.

We came back to the room and rented the Lincoln Lawyer on PPV in the room. I had been reading the book on my kindle and wanted to know what happened at the end, so I convinced Michael to pick that movie. Of course, I fell asleep (not a testament to the movie - it was fantastic!), and Michael won't tell me what happened. I need to read faster.

We woke up early on Saturday morning because we had to catch the train to New Jersey for the Bar Mitzvah. Michael messed around all morning, and we missed our train by two minutes. The next one wasn't for an hour. I was PISSED. PISSED. We had to take the train to Newark Aiport, rent a car, and drive 30 minutes to the temple for the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. We showed up the ceremony late, of course. I hate being late.

The ceremony was very interesting, and the party was way better than any wedding I've ever been to (aside from our own). I didn't take my camera to either. :(


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