Monday, June 13, 2011

Atticus - Three Months


Height: 25" (I think - I measured him myself).
Weight: 15 pounds, 9 ounces (wearing a diaper and a onesie.  I weighed him at my mom's post office).


Diapers:  Atticus is still in cloth diapers.  No disposables and no diaper rash for this boy!

Sleep:  The boy likes to sleep on his belly.  What can I say?  He takes after his parents.  He can roll from his back to his belly, so I stopped swaddling him and started letting him sleep on his belly.  He usually puts himself to sleep within 5 minutes for naps and at night.  Aside from the three month growth spurt (which was a week early and total pain in the ass), he takes a couple naps a day, falls asleep around 9 pm, and wakes to eat once or so around 3-4 am.  He's up for the day between 6:30-8 am.  I almost threw him out the window during the growth spurt.  Seriously.  He woke up FIVE times between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am THREE nights in a row.  I was a walking zombie.  It was worse than having a newborn.  

Eating:  He's still exclusively breastfed!  No formula (or cereal) for Atticus, hopefully ever.

Clothes:  Atticus is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.  He has a couple of 0-3 month items that still fit. 

This month, he rolled over from back to belly for the first time.  He's only done it twice.  He has started paying attention to the TV when it's on in the den.  I know he doesn't really know what's going on, but it has caused me to watch what I'm watching, and to not have the TV on as often for background noise.  

We spent our first full weekend on the boat on Memorial Day weekend (4 nights!).  Other than taking more than an hour to go to sleep a couple nights, he did great. 


We got an Ergo carrier to add to the Moby for babywearing.  At first, he hated it.  I did not buy the infant insert, and he was a little too small for it.  After wearing him in it a few times, he changed his mind.  He loves it! I usually wear him in one of my Moby wraps when we're at home, and I use the Ergo when we're out and about running errands or if we're going to be outside.  


  1. Question - What camera/lens do you have? Your indoor pictures are really clear and have great color.

    Also, Atticus is adorable!!

    (This is Andria Powers(Sexton) by the way .. from Dade .. just in case you thought it was some random creeper)

  2. @andria
    Hey Andria! I have a Nikon D60 with the kit lens, the kit zoom lens, and a 50 mm 1.8 lens. These pictures were taken with the standard kid lens. I try to take indoor pictures with all the lights off and with plenty of natural light from the window.

    Thank you for the compliment. I think he's adorable too. :)

  3. Thanks! I have those same lenses but we have terrible lighting in our apartment (we are rear ,so we only get sun early in the morning).