Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tree Fell on My Car!

Last Friday night, it was storming badly when I went to bed.  Michael stayed up to watch a movie, so I was confident that he would wake me if things got dangerous.  I heard what sounded like thunder right on top of my house, but I figured that since Michael didn't wake me up, everything was kosher.

A little while later...

"Ashley, can you get up please?"

I should have known something was up.  My husband never calls me by my name.

"Why?  I didn't hear Atticus on the baby monitor."

"Can you get up please?  And put on your bath robe."


"Can you please get up and put on your bath robe and shoes?"

"Where are we going?  Is Atticus awake?  Let me get him."

"No, leave him in his crib.  He's fine.  Can you please get up?"

"I'm not leaving without him.  Where are we going?"


"But it's raining like a mother out there!"

"I have an umbrella.  Can you please come with me?"


He walked me out the front door.  We never go out the front door.  It was midnight.  It was pouring.  We walked down the front walkway and turned to face the driveway.  Michael said, "Look!"

"Oh, word that starts with F and rhymes with duck!"

There was a tree on top of my car.  In the dark.  In the rain.  A tree.  On MY car.  Not Michael's car.  MY car.  My PAID FOR car.  My car that I actually like and plan to drive for a few more years.

I started crying.

"You, um...... You don't think it's funny?  I think it's really funny."


"Oh.  I'm sorry I woke you up."

We got up the next morning, and Michael called his dad to get him to bring us a chainsaw to free my car (after calling State Farm to make sure it was okay to do so).  Sometime after the rain stopped, the tree settled and broke my back windshield, but no other glass was broken.

Here is Michael's Jeep. My car is to the right of it underneath the tree.


Michael's Jeep was trapped, but thankfully, not damaged.

Here is the base of the tree.

Michael and his Dad in the middle of Operation: Free Ashley's Car.


My car!  The back windshield is busted, and the roof and hood have some serious dents, but other than that and some superficial scratches, my car is fine.  I have not yet heard back from my insurance company if they're going to fix it or total it, but I'm pretty sure it's fixable.   I'm just thankful that it didn't fall on the house.  I was asleep in the bedroom it would have hit if it had fallen just a little bit to the right!


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