Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A fun little thing...

This was on a couple blogs in my Google Reader, and I'm bored, so here goes...

Outside my window … I do not see the tree that I normally see because it fell on my car last Friday night.

I am hearing … birds chirping and Atticus and Elvira snoring.

I am thinking … about going to the dentist today.  I hope I don't have any cavities.  I'm also thinking about Atticus and the Easter Bunny.  Should I do it?  Will his cousins ask what he got from the Easter Bunny?  Will I take pictures of his first Easter and be bummed if I didn't do the whole basket thing?

I am thankful … for my parents, my husband, and my son.  And, let's be honest, I'm also thankful for Krispy Kreme, nail polish, and pretty shoes.

I am reading …  The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, the AAP book on birth to age 5, and, just for fun, I downloaded The Lincoln Lawyer on my kindle a couple of days ago, but I haven't started it yet.

I am hoping and praying …. that we continue to be as fortunate and blessed as we already have been.

I am wearing … boyfriend jeans from the Limited, red long-sleeve t-shirt

I am creating …  I'm about to start sewing some clothes for Atticus!  I'm a pretty decent seamstress for house and boat related projects, but I absolutely suck at following a pattern and making clothes.  :(  That's sad because I have an incredibly expensive sewing machine.  My mom is going to come help me with some patterns!  Yay for smocks and appliques!

From the kitchen …I ate a box of macaroni and cheese last night because Michael worked late. :)

Around the house … I need to clean out the desk and organize the rest of our financial paperwork from last year.  I need to update our budget in excel to reflect the $75 we're going to save on our AT&T bill thanks to a call to them this morning.  I need to take down the pack and play and get it ready to take to the boat for the summer.

Plans for the rest of the week …   Sleeping and eating tomorrow and Friday.  Saturday is the marina flea market, and Sunday is Easter.  For Easter, we're going to Michael's dad's house for lunch and to my parents' house for dinner.

A Picture to share … This was getting ready for Easter with my nieces at my parents' house in 2007.


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