Monday, November 29, 2010

"You're Getting Fat!" and "I Never Got Sick"

Today, I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store who proclaimed, "You're getting fat!"

This is this 5th or 6th time since I started showing that someone has told me that I'm "getting fat."

I've never been overweight, I'm not overweight now, and I don't have any intentions of being overweight after my precious parasite starts living outside my body.

I'm can't figure out why folks think it's okay to tell an obviously pregnant girl that she's getting "fat."  I am growing a human.  I am supposed to gain weight.  I am having a hard enough time with this concept, and I don't need random people reminding me that I am, in fact, carrying around a few more pounds than I used to.  Plus, I've gained 16 lbs in 26.5 weeks.  My weight gain thus far is not excessive.

If you want to remark on how a pregnant girl is now showing more than she was before, you should say:

"Wow!  You're really showing now!  I can definitely tell you're pregnant!"
"Your baby bump is so cute!"
or something along those lines.

NEVER use the word "fat," unless you want my response to be, "Yeah, well, you've always been ugly, and I'm still hotter than you."

I'm also very annoyed at the women who find out that I'm going on my 27th week of throwing up but tell me, "Oh, I never got sick when I was pregnant."

To me, that's like the following conversation:

"I have brain cancer."
"Oh.  I just ran the NYC marathon, and my doctor says I've never been better."

No, I'm not comparing my friend hyperemesis to brain cancer, but really?  When someone tells you their house is being foreclosed on, it's not a good time to tell them you won the freaking $35 million jackpot.

Pregnant women are hormonal and emotional.  We cry each and every time you tell us we're fat instead of cute and pregnant.  We cry when we throw up and wet our pants for the 6th time that day because we remember you and your perfect pregnancy.  My husband is tired of listening to me cry, so please, for his sake, tell me that I'm a beautiful pregnant girl, that you gained 75 lbs, and that you threw up in public often.


  1. You ARE beautiful!!! You are not getting FAT!!! I had swollen legs and ankles at 22 weeks, was sick weekly the entire pregnancy, have stretch marks on my ankles (yes really), couldn't eat in the ninth month because I was huge and couldn't breathe yet I was starving. Take a look at my pics on FB and see just how big I was right before delivery. You are perfect in your pregnancy because it is yours. There are no two pregnancies that are the same. This is your time to nurture a miracle- enjoy. Cry if you want too. When it is over- as weird as it sounds- there will be at least one moment when you think- I miss being pregnant- so take it all in, good and bad because. And ignore those who want to usee you as an attempt to make themselves feel better.

    Side note on people not thinking how their words sound: an elderly male client told me that my hair was frizzy. I said, well that actually isn't a nice thing to say. He said I wasn't trying to be. Ahh, thanks sir, have a good day!

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