Monday, June 21, 2010

A Trip to the Garden

To celebrate Father's Day with my Daddy, Michael and I went to the mountain to have breakfast with my family.  It was a wonderful meal, but it definitely wasn't the highlight of the day.

After breakfast, Daddy was going to go down to the garden to dig some potatoes for me to take home.  Intrigued, Michael said, "Dig?"

Apparently, my husband thought that potatoes grow on a tree.  Or a vine.  Or a freaking flowered bush.

Since it was Michael's first time working in the garden, we let him do all the work.  He dug enough potatoes for my sister and me to get some to take home, and then he started walking around the rest of the garden.

"Hey Juggs!  What's this?" (Michael calls me Juggs).

"Uhmmm.  That'd be cabbage."

In case you didn't know, cabbage LOOKS like cabbage when it's growing.  It's not hidden under pesky leaves or growing under the ground.  I do not know how he did not know it was cabbage.


"Michael, do you want to get some fresh green beans for dinner tonight?"

"There are green beans?  Where?"

"You're standing by them."

"Oh this?  That doesn't look like green beans."

I picked a bean, broke off the ends a la Grandma Jewell circa 1992, and made sure there were no strings.  I handed the results to Michael.

"Well, how about that!"

My. husband. did. not. know. that. green. beans. grow. whole.

Michael is so dadgum smart.  He knows how to fix everything.  He knows the stuff I learned in 7th grade but promptly forgot.  You know, like the Byzantine Empire.  Michael knows all about them.  Or it.  Whatever.

So to know something (other than the names of Brad and Angie's kids) that Michael didn't... well, it felt weird.

I hope it never happens again.  I like thinking that he's smarter than me.


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